Share your joy.

The business gurus say “Find work that makes you happy and you’ll never work a day”.


I say, “Use your work to share your joy.”


Last week I wrote about the “4 Levels of Happiness” model by Rev Spitzer. I love it. Joy is the 4th level. Joy comes from the deeper well. It’s transcendent and when we let joy into our hearts, it transforms us. We should share our joy.


But you can’t go around proselytizing every customer, banging a bible on their head when they walk in and expect to be able to build a business or hold down a job. We need to extend a gentler invitation. The “4 levels of Happiness” model is simple but deep, and I think it gives a unique framework for faith-driven entrepreneurs to encourage sharing that invitation.  


I was working with an incredible faith-driven entrepreneur this week. She’s built a phenomenal business.  When I asked what she hoped for her customers, she said “when I design my products, I want them to be great for kids to play with and to draw their mother in to something deeper. Maybe back into a prayer life that got lost when kids came along.”


I nearly fell off my chair. Her products are beautiful. But more than that, they open the door for customers to be surprised by grace. THAT is a business that I can get behind.


We don’t need to be leading an explicitly Christian business to do this. We can use our work, whatever it is, to share our joy.  Wherever we work, our products should be delightful; a pleasure to behold (Level 1). We should help our customers and employees overcome obstacles, improve themselves and achieve greater (Level 2). We should encourage service for others (Level 3). And as leaders, we should share our joy and crack open the door to the sublime (Level 4). Make just a little bit of room for some sneaky Jesus to break through.  


On Sunday we’ll light the last candle of Advent as we wait for the Savior to be born. “The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” (John 1:5) He arrives soon.


Be delightful! Be competitive! Be of service! And most importantly, be a light.



Much love,



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