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An undated, 90-day goal planner to help ambitious Christians work well, grow in gratitude and focus on what really matters. 

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Go from overwhelmed to in control.

As a busy professional, there is ALWAYS more to do. Whether you're working on your side-hustle, planning events for your church, or launching an internal company program, the to-do list can be crushing. We know it and we want to help.

The CappaWork Planner was designed for super-high performers, not your average professional who clocks in and clocks out. The CappaWork Planner takes the most important productivity practices and weaves them quietly into your workday. You'll never let a deadline run over or a deliverable fall through the cracks again!

First planner I have actually used

"The CappaWork planner is finally a planner I am using. It seamlessly combines all the important elements of my life: work, family, faith and personal, in a user-friendly way. I love it."

-David S. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Fantastic planner

"This planner has been extremely helpful in both planning and reflecting daily."

-Seth P. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Just what I needed

"Love the way it combines key time management practices with spiritual reflection."

Allison ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


"Buy one, try one, feel amazing."


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the planner?

It's 90 days. A year is too long to make a consistent plan for, something will come up and change it significantly.

90 days is the perfect length for personal and business goals. Just long enough to get something huge done, just short enough to always see the end. We've had customers get more accomplished in one quarter with this planner than in the entire previous year.

Who is the CappaWork Planner helpful for?

Excellent question- the answer is not everyone. The CappaWork Planner is only helpful for ambitious Christians who have an existing drive to do good in the world through their work. If you like to put in minimal effort, it's not for you. If you find yourself constantly busy, or always striving to do more better, this is ABSOLUTELY for you. It will remove the feeling of overwhelm that comes with a busy schedule and allow you to flourish in chaos. Current happy customers include: Pastors, doctors, lawyers, finance executives, tech sales, management consultants, marketers, coaches and entrepreneurs.

What if I don't like it?

The CappaWork Planner works on a simple system, not an easy one. It takes a bit of work to get in the groove, but the payout is huge. If you can show that you used it for 21 days, and you don't like it, we will refund your purchase 100%. No need to even send it in. We believe in it whole heartedly.

Is it high quality?

Yes. Your dreams and goals are important. When you hit them, you will want to revisit the path you took to get there, to be able to look back after a few years and see God's goodness in your life. Because of that, the CappaWork Planner is hard vegan leather cover, with layflat stitched pages, printed on 90 gsm archival quality paper. When you finish your goal, you won't want to throw it out :)

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