About CappaWork

Who are you called to be? 

CappaWork was founded by Nate Pinches, who is super ambitious and incredibly distractible. Without structure, he'll start three things in a day and finish none.

When his first child was born, he realized his callings as a father, provider and good husband and he needed a structure to help him stay on the path. He needed a way to defeat the overwhelming feeling of a to-do list that kept growing and a way to achieve the ambitious goals he had. 

The CappaWork Planner is the tool he created. 

Since learning to listen to his callings, set goals and focus his efforts through good habits, Nate has earned an MBA, launched a new office for an award winning consulting firm, sold software to Private Equity firms and worked with many CEOs at multi-million and billion dollar businesses.

His highest calling is to be a child of God, then to be a good husband and father to his five kids. After that it's to lead others to act on their calling. He left his role in corporate America in order to follow that call and start CappaWork.

You can find him on Instagram @natepinches, or on LinkedIn also at natepinches