The CappaWork Planner

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The CappaWork Planner is an undated 90-day goal planner, designed for ambitious Christians who want to defeat overwhelm and act on God's calling for their life. 

Here's how it works. 

  • To act on your calling you need a goal.
  • To achieve your goal you need good habits.
  • Good habits become virtues which in turn helps you understand God's calling for you.  

It's a virtuous cycle that creates a meaningful life.

Acting on your call leads to deep, lasting contentment, because when you respond to your call, you become who God created you to be. 

With the CappaWork Planner, you set a 90-day goal for your work, your studies or fitness and act on it each day. The planner provides the structure and habits to give you the traction you need to achieve your goals. 

It combines research backed productivity tools with Christian traditions to help you achieve your goals in work while growing in your spiritual life.  

A 90 day goal is just long enough to do something big, just short enough that you can always see the end. Setting a goal allows you to adopt the habits needed to achieve the goal. A daily examen helps you to reflect on your day and see God's graces in your life. 

The CappaWork Planner includes:

  • Weekly planning sheets
  • Daily pages to schedule and prioritize your day
  • Scripture to keep you centered
  • An end of day examen to build a practice of prayer and gratitude
  • High quality 90 gram bleed-proof paper, perfect for your best pen
  • Vegan leather hard cover
  • An elastic band closure to keep your goals safe

We all need structure in order to consistently put our best foot forward. The CappaWork planner is the best structure, bar none, for ambitious christians who are looking to achieve their goals to glorify God. 

If you aren't satisfied, for any reason we offer a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

Shipping to USA and Canada!  


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Noel Hoxha

So structured that I have to think less when I plan!

Tom Aldrich
Love this book

Fantastic product. Everything from spacing to organization on the pages, this is a must for anyone looking to set a goal and achieve it

Brandon Lahoud
Thank you!

Wonderful product and fast delivery. Thank you!

CappaWork planner

I have found this planner to be really helpful in organizing my days, keeping me mindful of why I do what I do, and helping me be grateful in all things. I like having the daily verses for my purpose during the day and the daily examen for gratitude at the end of the day. I also like that the focus is on serving others, not simply making myself the best I can be, as other journals suggest. This planner is a great help in my daily life.

Allison and Jordan Pinches
Just what I Needed

This journal is so thoughtfully put together with a simple and intuitive aesthetic. My schedule is extremely variable and I have been working to be more intentional and deliberate with how I structure my time and this is a fabulous tool to help me do so. Love the way it combines key time management practices with spiritual reflection. This is my first cappajournal and I know there will be many more to come!